So he challenged. The case was deferred. Now Rodgers has gone to Werribee Court, armed with the damning proof that the cameras erred. What happened? In identical fashion to the case of Joan Rowlands (Diary, August 15), Rodgers was gagged.

"I was told I would not be permitted to lead any evidence," he tells Diary. "I couldn't say a word." In fact, Rodgers said that he arrived early for the case and was directed to the prosecutor's office. "I was told that, if I changed my plea to guilty, I would be let off. I felt very uncomfortable about that because I was not guilty. But I was induced to plead guilty so they could let me off. I thought it was a sham."

Let's recap on the Rowlands case last month. Joan Rowlands' husband, Bob, had technical evidence to prove that the speed cameras were wrong due to a timing glitch, confusing their 92 km/h car with a truck overtaking them in the next lane at 110 km/h. The case was deferred to allow the Government to call an "expert witness", but when the case came to Sunshine court there was no expert and that meant Rowlands was prevented from presenting her evidence. As with Rowlands, the case against Rodgers was thrown out.

Joan and Bob Rowlands say that the court became "very twitchy" each time they mentioned the word "camera". Robin Rodgers says: "It was all over in 20 minutes."

As Marcellus says in Shakespeare's Hamlet: Something's rotten in the state of Denmark