Archive: December, 2012


Latest Testimonials and Feedback

Discover more information of Aussie Speeding Fines’ testimonials and how you can contribute to the cause.


How you can get to the truth behind all of this

The whole speed camera/revenue raising thing is completely out of control and is rapidly going to get worse for motorists around the country.


Crazy developments in NSW and the ACT

It doesn’t matter what State or Territory you live in, things are getting out of hand everywhere and NSW and the ACT are no exception.


Speed camera revenue doubles

As always, it is not just Victorian motorists that are getting screwed over by revenue raising cameras. As the following story shows, it is also happening to QLD motorists as well and it is about to get a lot worse for them too.


Another Speed Camera Bungle

Our first story follows on from the numerous red light camera bungles that we have reported on in recent weeks. This week it is a clearly flawed and faulty speed camera that has hit the news in Melbourne.