Speed not the big killer on our Roads

Following on from our story above, not only do the flawed and skewed QLD Police statistics prove that speed is not the big killer that they try and make out it is but there are other reports that prove exactly the same thing.

We were really blown away when one of our Members sent us the following article from Drive.com.au because it has been a long time since we have seen such a truthful and honest account of the facts in a mainstream media article before.

Our highest commendation goes out to the author, Toby Hagon, for this excellent story.

It is statements like the following that mirror exactly what we have been saying for over 5 and a half years now:

“Yet the vast majority of crashes occur at or below the speed limit.”
“The reality is that most fatalities are not caused by hoons or people behaving irresponsibly.” and
“At the end of the day it’ll be concentration, attentiveness and preparation that will be your best chance of arriving safely this holiday period – not an unerring determination to make sure you don’t exceed a number in a red circle.”

The simple truth is that exceeding some arbitrarily set speed by a few k’s here or there makes little or no difference and there is certainly no reason why you, your friends or your family should be handing over your hard earned cash when you have done nothing wrong. You haven’t hurt anyone or deprived them of anything, there is no victim and therefore no crime and, at the end of the day, absolutely no need for any financial or demerit point penalty to be issued or applied.

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