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Parking fine quotas revealed

Well, we have covered speeding fines and red light camera fines in this e-mail so far, so that really only leaves us with parking fines. And, once again, we have been forwarded yet another story that confirms what we have known all along anyway – despite the government’s insistence that it doesn’t happen – that parking inspectors are issued with parking fine quotas.

This excellent story from Today Tonight that proves that parking inspectors are forced to issue a certain number of parking fines – whether anyone has done anything wrong and irrespective of the fact that they actually have no lawful authority to do so anyway.

Not only did these parking inspectors have quotas to fulfill but they were “counseled” if they didn’t meet their quotas and their performance review and opportunities for a pay rise were at stake if they didn’t meet them. In fact, as the person being interviewed proves, it was ultimately his job that was at stake, simply because he didn’t force other parking officers to reach their quotas!

Our simple question to you is, how can you allow this to go on in your very backyard? We all despise parking inspectors but, at the end of the day, they are humans, just like you, who have a job to do – the issue is that their job is being warped and twisted by money hungry people within councils are forcing them to do things that they don’t want to do and that we don’t want them to do either.

Please keep in mind that We, The People, elect these councilors to do our bidding – not to rob us of our hard earned money! There could, possibly, maybe – at a very big stretch – be some mind of argument that, with a strong police presence, and with the ability to stop a speeding motorist at the exact moment that he is driving dangerously – not just “too fast” for some arbitrarily set limit – that a speeding fine could be argued to have something to do with road safety. However, there is simply no way in hell that you can justify a single parking ticket as a safety measure or anything other than blatant revenue raising and the person in this story says exactly that.

Just look at the figures they mention at the end of the story or at the bottom of the article itself to see just how much money various councils around the country are earning from the issuing of unjust and unlawful parking fines.

We urge you, please, don’t ever pay a parking fine again or let anyone you know do so and let’s put an end to parking fine this year once and for all. The councils are still pushing for Constitutional recognition and we must put an end to parking fines now, before they unlawfully pass some legislation to help them get around the fact that they currently have no authority what-so-ever to issue fines.

If you’re still not 100% sure why this is the case, be sure to get a copy of our e-book and go straight to Chapter 9, which is dedicated to explaining the ins and outs of parking fines and how simple they are to defeat.