Red Light Camera Fines

There are a couple of important points to note when it comes to challenging and defeating red light camera fines. The first is that you are well within your rights to complete your turn or progress across an intersection when the light is red as long as you ENTERED the intersection on green or amber. As long as your front wheels have crossed the white line before the light turns red then, according to the law, you have done nothing wrong.

The second thing is to look closely at the actual charge you receive because you can also technically enter an intersection on red but not progress through the intersection – ie. You stopped just past the white line. Now, the charge for such a thing should be failing to stop behind the white line, however, that is almost never what they actually charge you with – anything else is an incorrect charge and should be challenged.

In addition to that there are a couple of other important points to note. Firstly, the police MUST have TWO photos to have any case against you. One photo must show you behind the white line when the light is red and the other must show you continuing through the intersection. As we detailed above, if they don’t have BOTH photos then they can’t prove that you didn’t enter on green or amber and complete your movement across the intersection after the light was red, which is entirely legal.

Secondly, unlike speed cameras, the photos produced by red light cameras do NOT contain the details of the camera that took them. Therefore, whilst they may be able to produce a certificate of accuracy for the camera itself, there is no way to prove that particular camera took those specific photos.

Thirdly, they may also mention a timing or induction loop to suggest that the camera is not set off until after the light has gone red. Again, this doesn’t prove that you entered after the light went red and, as above, there is no way to prove any link between this loop and the actual camera and/or the photos that they will attempt to tender as evidence.

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