Speeding Fines

Speeding fines are the most common form of unlawful and unjust traffic fine issued across the country. We take this opportunity to inform you that, first and foremost, pursuant to Section 8, Sub-section 12 of the Imperial Acts Application Act, all fines and forfeitures before conviction are illegal and void. In simple terms, this means that any fine that is issued to you before you have actually been to court and convicted of anything is illegal and void and should be challenged.

In Australia, we are inundated every day with Police propaganda that “Speed Kills”, “Wipe off 5 and Save Lives” and that “Speed Cameras Save Lives” and the simple truth is that it is all complete RUBBISH. Speeding fines are there for one reason and one reason ONLY – to raise revenue. Studies from all over the world have proven that speed is, at best, only A factor in just 5% of accidents. Therefore, we suggest that EVERY Australian motorist challenges EVERY speeding fine they receive.

There is also plenty of Police propaganda out there that suggests that you can’t challenge a speeding fine, or, if you try, you will lose and be up for thousands of dollars in costs and the like. Firstly, our Testimonials pages prove that people DO, in fact, beat speeding fines every day and secondly, the fact that many speed cameras have been ordered to be turned off over the past 12 months or so, further proves that speed cameras are flawed and faulty more often than not.

Whether you have been issued a speeding fine by a speed camera or by a police officer using a hand held speed detection device, there are countless reasons why these devices are flawed, faulty, used incorrectly and do not comply with Commonwealth legislation, meaning that the readings from them cannot be lawfully used as evidence in court.

Again, our e-book details all the options you have to fight your speeding fines and we go into great detail to expose the very reasons why these devices are flawed and faulty from the actual police guidelines for use manuals. We also have a series of pro-forma letters that you can send off to these agencies to let them know that, once you have read our e-book, you are one of the informed and educated motorists and will no longer stand for their bullying tactics and you will never just blindly pay a fine again!