Another Speed Camera Bungle

Our first story follows on from the numerous red light camera bungles that we have reported on in recent weeks. This week it is a clearly flawed and faulty speed camera that has hit the news in Melbourne.

The true power of this story comes from the fact that this particular camera was reported by John Lambert. Now, for those of you who don’t know John’s story, he was the Manager of Road Safety at Vicroads and was responsible for the introduction of speed cameras – now, before you go inundating him with abusive phone calls, keep reading. One of his jobs was to collect the data on these cameras and he quickly realized that the cameras were doing absolutely nothing to curb the road toll but were clearly very effective at raising money. When he reported this to his superiors, he was told to basically “shut up”.

Thankfully, John didn’t do as he was told – but was fired as a result – and continues to be a strong supporter of ours, provides on-going information and statistics to us and, as you can see from the video below, fights his own fines and is constantly campaigning to have the cameras removed until they can prove that they are able to do what they say they can – save lives.

We invite you to watch the following video – http://au.news.yahoo.com/video/vic/watch/278fd8cd-7d30-3122-9e71-971969834de7/another-speed-camera-bungle/ – and make up your own mind as to whether these cameras are there for road safety or revenue raising. Either way, the “sudden and massive spike in fines” referred to in the story needs to be properly investigated and the cameras need to be turned off until that investigation has been completed.

We further urge you all to contact Peter Ryan – by phone or in writing – and ask him to please explain why so many people are successfully beating their fines now, why police officers have proven, in court, that the Eastlink cameras are flawed, faulty and inaccurate, why the Western Ring Road and Westgate Bridge cameras were turned off and how on earth he can justify his absolutely insane, false and misleading statement that “as close as you can get to having an absolute guarantee, then we’ve got it in Victoria”. To all Victorians, if you allow this idiot to make completely ridiculous statements such as this, without challenging him on it, then, we’re sorry, but you only have yourselves to blame for what happens in your State from here.

And finally, please be sure to inundate Gordon Lewis with phone calls, e-mails and letters asking him to explain his statement that he “has not come across a malfunctioning road safety camera since he has come into the position” when there were so many red light camera fines – also incorrectly touted as “road safety cameras” – ordered to be refunded just last week!!! Then, ask him to please resign from his position and have it filled by someone who can A) speak the truth and B) actually investigate the ever growing number of flawed and faulty cameras out there – which is, after all, what he is supposed to be doing!