Crazy developments in NSW and the ACT

It doesn’t matter what State or Territory you live in, things are getting out of hand everywhere and NSW and the ACT are no exception.

The following story details how revenue from speed cameras in NSW has increased  dramatically and how, like QLD, NSW motorists are in for a huge increase in new cameras as well – http://www.industrysearch.com.au/NSW-gouging-motorists-pockets-with-speed-cameras/n/64054

Again, NSW motorists are urged to call or write to Barry O’Farrell and make it clear that you do not support his plan to roll out more speed cameras and, if he wants your support at the next election, he’d better listen to what his constituents want!

And, it looks like there are some very scary developments in the ACT where speed cameras are now being used as makeshift surveillance cameras – http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/calls-for-clarity-on-speed-camera-images-20121121-29qnh.html

This is a blatant invasion of privacy and no matter what the “law” says, you know as well as we do that once these images are handed over they will never be fully deleted. They will use this data to track you, build a profile on you and use this information against you in a host of ways.

Once again, one of the closing lines says it very well – ”We certainly don’t see them (speed cameras) as a good replacement for police presence on our roads, and I think we need to be careful that they’re not just about revenue raising.”

If you don’t want the ACT to turn into Big Brother – where your every movement is recorded and tracked – then you need to speak up and fight back now!