Fighting Speeding Fines Starting to Hurt Manufacturers

The fact that so many people are now fighting back against their fines is really start to have an impact.

Fighting back is starting to hurt the manufacturers

We have information on our Updated Member’s area – that detail the thousands of dollars it costs the police and related agencies every time someone fights a fine. The fact that many people are not only defeating their fines but being awarded costs as well now is a huge issue for these agencies and they are really starting to hurt.

However, the news gets even better because this pain is now translating right back to the manufacturers of these insidious devices and they are starting to feel the pressure of informed and educated motorists fighting back right where it hurts the most – their bottom line.

Another one of our Members referred us to the fact that Redflex, the company that makes the majority of speed and red light cameras that are used throughout the world, has been steadily been losing money over the past 5 years – this is, very co-incidentally, the same period of time that Aussie Speeding Fines has been informing motorists of their rights as well as edeucating them about the fundamental flaws with these devices.

To get a clear picture of how everyone of you has impacted this disgraceful company, please have a quick look at the following chart of share prices for Redflex Holdings over the past 5 years – See Chart Here.

You will note that their highest share price was in 2008 – 6 months after Aussie Speeding Fine began – and they have been gradually losing money right through the past 5 years. Now, we’re obviously not going to suggest that ASF has single handedly caused this dramatic loss be we certainly know that informing motorists about the fundamental flaws with these devices and showing people how to fight back against their fines certainly hasn’t helped poor Redflex at all.

So, we would urge you to keep fighting and keep spreading the word because we are certainly having an impact and when companies like Redflex start losing this kind of money and when the relevant agencies are inundated with paperwork, as well as the courts, then the costs start to add up and they will eventually get to the point where it will simply no longer be viable for them to pursue these ridiculous and ineffective fines. Let’s hope that 2013 is the year to make that happen!!!