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Police boost speed gun numbers

Police boost speed gun numbers for 2013 – read the news article and discover its implications for every-day motorists.

Our first and most shocking story, this week, comes from Queensland where the police have “declared war” on motorists and have agreed to almost triple the number of mobile speed cameras that they use. You can read the full story here – http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/police-boost-speed-gun-numbers-for-2013-in-response-to-queensland-road-toll/story-e6freoof-1226544788600

Now please, we beg any one of the 19,000 odd people reading this to please explain to us how exactly the use of even more speed detection devices is going to help lower the road toll when QLD had more speed detection devices in use in 2012 than ever before, yet the road toll increased to almost 300!!!

Even by their own statistics – which are skewed and flawed anyway – speed was only a factor in 20% of accidents – it’s actually only about 5%. But anyway, even if their figures were correct, speed clearly isn’t the huge issue that they make it out to be!

Seriously, is there really anyone still out there that believes that all these speed detection devices exist for anything other than blatant revenue raising?

And, if that’s the case and no-one believes in the speed camera program anymore why on earth do people continue to pay their fines – especially when our e-book – “Speeding Fines, What You REALLY Need to Know” – shows you step-by-step, how easy it is to fight back and beat them!

At least this article is right about one thing – finally, people are learning that “speed” does not kill and people are, thankfully, starting to ignore the scare tactics and propaganda employed by the government to deceive us into believing otherwise and attempting to justify their on-going revenue raising.

As we have said many times before, if the governments of this country simply stood up and came forward and said “yes, traffic fines are simply about raising revenue because we have stupidly wasted way too much money on other garbage” then at least people would have some respect for them – instead, they continue to blatantly lie to our faces so we urge you all to vote with your hands, feet and voices at every opportunity – including holding onto your hard earned money and never paying an unjust traffic fine again!