2019 - Current Testimonials

Hi Team,

Just wanted to thank you all for the fantastic work you do.

I attended the Know Your Rights seminar in November 2018 and have put some of your letters into action

This year I started back at work with 8 different fines on my desk

I would like to share with you some excellent results for 2 x speeding fines over $1000 company fines.

Thanks to your fantastic information and brilliant letters already set out- all so easy……

Please see attached the NSW Revenue response to my first couple of fines

To date 8 fines in the first month for various things for company vehicles.


Stephenie - NSW



Well done on the whole concept of protecting our rights and providing access to the information for a very reasonable membership fee!

I joined a few months ago and used the e-book 3 step process to contest 2 speeding offences that were allegedly detected by the way of Lidar Speed Detection Devices that would have incurred a total of almost $1800 in fines and 11 Demerit Points.

I wasn't travelling over the speed limit for either offence and didn't want to waste money on having a lawyer represent me when I could explain the same defense in court myself with help from the e-book and a no bull shit approach!

Yesterday both offences were withdrawn by the Police!



Hi Guys,

In recent times I have got 3 parking fines in a short space of time. While I lost the first one, the other two parking fines have been withdrawn.

Admittedly they were withdrawn on technicalities but the important thing is that it was what I learned from sites like ASF and Know Your Rights that gave me knowledge which in turn gave me the CONFIDENCE to have a go at fighting them.

If it wasn’t for the materials from ASF and the materials and knowledge gained from the radio shows on Know Your Rights, I never would have had the CONFIDENCE to have a go.

Thank you to ASF and KYR.

Kevin, from Perth

Hello everyone. I have a wonderful story to tell you.

I was traveling through the Rockbank Destruction Zone on the Western Highway Sunday 28 November. I was in the right lane when I heard sirens but could not see an emergency vehicle so I kept on driving. A few seconds later I heard the sirens again and looked again in my rearview mirror and saw flashing red and blue lights hidden behind the grill of a late model Commodore. So I pulled over and proceeded to pull out my licence from my wallet under the console lid. My windows phone was there also. But I did not pull out the phone.

2 female cops approached my window and complained because I only rolled the window down halfway. They asked for my licence, which I held against the window stating that I only had to produce the licence and not hand it over. The second cop snatched the licence and both went back to their car. I then got out my phone and started recording, placing the phone screen up in front of the shifter. About 1 minute later they return.

"Mr. Allen, could you roll your window all the way down so we can talk to you?' I rolled it down about 3/4.

"Mr. Allen, do you know why we pulled you over?"

I continued looking sorrowful and downward at the floor.

"Mr. Allen, we caught you speeding. You were doing about 117 in a 90 zone. Is there a reason you were speeding so fast today?"

Still looking down I was. About 20 seconds later I replied, "No comment."

"Ok, could you please drive slower the rest of the afternoon?"

Said I, "I will".

They go back to the car. I look in my mirror as I don't know what is going on. The driver motions me to leave, but I fidget and wait for them to leave first, then I go on my way.

Time of stop. Under 4 minutes. The video lasted 3 minutes plus the time beforehand. No fine, no warning, nothing.

Many thanks to CARR, ASF, and Know Your Rights groups, of which I am a member of all three groups, for the helpful advice which got me out of a fine and possible licence suspension. Also that I didn't pull the phone out at first as I did not want them to give me a citation for phone use while driving. Another help was saying No comment. I also did not talk back, act rudely (though I wanted to tell them to f... off), and looking contrite all helped out. I also said as little as possible otherwise, and pointing out that I didn't have to hand them my licence at the start led them to think it was not worthwhile to hand me an infringement notice.

I have been paying more attention to my speed since then. And I do feel victorious that I won in this instance.



Hi Guys,

Just a quick comment.  In court for a fine it is a criminal court.  When magistrates are asked if speeding is a criminal offence, not civil then they admit it is criminal. 

In the camera vans are police officers in Queensland.  if the Police Officer detects a 'criminal offence', fails to stop that offence from continuing, then is it a dereliction of duty?  I was once told by a Police officer that speeding was like running down the street with a loaded gun.  I asked him if he would take a photo of someone doing this and fine him weeks later?  No response.

If speeding was so dangerous, isn't it a responsibility of the enforcers to stop this action immediately?  How dangerous is it really when they just let you keep doing this 'extremely dangerous' action even after detection.  Under their information you are dangerous and potentially putting lives in danger at that exact moment.  Not a week or two later. 

So apparently they are NOT wanting to save lives at all. Just my 2 cents worth.

Grant - QLD



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