Digital E-book Information

Please note
that the Digital version of the e-book is designed to be read ON-SCREEN and on ONE computer ONLY. It can NOT be transferred between computers unless you follow the Un-register/Re-register steps in the Help section BEFORE you re-install Windows, format or change your hard drive or, change/upgrade/update your computer in ANY way. 

Please note that we ALWAYS recommend one of our Hard Copy versions rather than our digital versions because there are NUMEROUS limitations associated with the digital versions. As above, you CANNOT print the digital version, the digital version is accessed via an E-Book Pro server that we have absolutely NO control over so it can, and has, gone off-line from time to time and the Hard Copy is sent to you by Express Post so you will receive it very quickly anyway, it is completely portable and contains EVERYTHING that the digital version has but in a much more flexible and stable format.

Please be aware that you will lose access to your e-book and be charged to re-set it if you change computers, re-install Windows or format your hard drive and do not follow the steps above and/or if you do not tell us BEFORE you are faced with an event like this. This fee is NOT some kind of punishment, it is simply what it costs us to manually search and cancel your old digital order details and re-set new ones manually, which takes us away from continuing research for other Members to rectify your computer issues that we obviously have no control over. So, please take note of the download instructions carefully if you place a Digital Copy order.


If you are after a more portable version or you think you may have computer issues down the track then we HIGHLY recommend the Hard Copy version. This version is only $20 more and comes professionally printed and bound with a protective cover and all the Resource letters are also provided on a CD that can then be used on ANY computer.


Updates are provided for BOTH versions free of charge for LIFE so, in the long run, we find most people prefer the Hard Copy version for longevity and portability.


Either way, we thank you in advance for your interest and your order and we look forward to welcoming you to the Aussie Speeding Fines team and the realm of educated and informed motorists!

Click Here to order the Digital Version
Click Here to order the Hard Copy Version


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